COLUMN: Energy providers are stuck in the dark ages

Power lines.
Power lines.

One in six customers pay for gas and electricity in advance by topping up their prepayment meter via a card from their local store.

Other industries that allow people to pay up front for services, like mobile phones, have come up with more innovative ways to add credit, but energy customers still have to top-up by going to a nearby shop.

Derbyshire Districts CAB is taking part in the national Citizens Advice campaign toget a better deal for prepayment customers. 

The ‘Fair play for prepay’ campaign is asking energy companies to offer a greater choice of tariffs and more innovative ways to top up. Evidence from Ofgem has found that prepayment meter customers aren’t just inconvenienced by the system – they are also paying more.  The cost of their gas and electricity tends to be around £80 more each year than other payment methods. 

We think that energy firms need to look at boosting choice for prepayment customers. 

Your experience of this could help us to campaign for change.

Have a look at our “Fair play for prepay” campaign at where there are a number of things you can do to help us to change things.