COLUMN: February is the month to revisit broken resolutions

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Our January blues have come to an end and as everything begins to get slightly brighter again it’s time for everyone to start looking on the brighter side of life.

Christmas was what seems, a very long time ago and we can finally move forward after settling back into our routines.

Now that we have ‘the practice month’ over and done with, where most people spend half of their time moaning and worrying about how they haven’t stuck to any of their New Year resolutions, it’s time to revisit what your 2016 resolutions were. Just because January has passed doesn’t mean that you should give up before you started. That Christmas weight you wanted to lose isn’t going anywhere until you make it, if you wanted to get a new job, don’t just stay because it’s easier and if you wanted to go travelling, you still could. There is no time like the present, you just need to make a plan and stick to it. This year I gave myself far too many resolutions and have forgotten half of them already, I eventually decided it would be more realistic to just focus on one, which was to concentrate on my career. Even though its only one, it is an all mighty resolution and I wasn’t quite sure where to start. After graduating from university I have been up and down like a yo-yo on what my aim was for my career. I have already created three different life plans and changed my mind on what ‘the next step’ is, enough times for the entire year. However, I have found that focusing on each month at a time is a lot less nerve wracking. Within the new year I decided to pursue my love for writing, in which I created my own blog and came to The Derbyshire Times for some experience. Even though January is a depressing time for everyone, I feel like I managed to push through it and make a start on something beneficial. I think when considering something that could potentially affect your future, looking at it as it comes is probably going to take a lot of the heat off you. Now all I have to do is keep going each month until I finally achieve my goal.