COLUMN: Regular parenting columnist Reah Marshall talks about trying to re-live those partying days

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Getting a babysitter for a few hours is practically impossible. So ever since my son was born, I’ve had very little opportunity to let my hair down.

Unfortunately, 24/7 of nappies, tantrums and tears makes you crave a night out more than most, and my first night of post-birth ‘me time’ arrived in November 2012 (yes I remember it well), when my son was just 3 months old. I went out with my best friend for a night on the town.

However, throughout it all I was constantly checking my phone. “Is he okay? Has he gone to sleep? Does he wonder where I am??.”

I let my hair down in so much as I physically made it out of the front door – but for the whole night I was worried that my baby would want Mummy.

So along comes the work Christmas party. Do I go? Will I stay awake past 11pm? What the heck will I wear? I was excited, but at the same time worried about how I would look and the all-so-real possibly of making a fool of myself. So I bought a gorgeous black sequinned dress and tried to feel as much like the pre-motherhood me as I could. B

ut I still didn’t feel happy. I was worried that I was too old, and these days I couldn’t even smell wine without getting wobbly.

But we had such a fun night of drinks, good conversation and dancing and it was all worth the usual, unnecessary trepidation. Although I’ll spare you the gory details from 1am where I DID make a fool of myself.

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