COLUMN: Studetns look forward to summer fun

Head of Anthony Gell School Wirksworth Malcolm Kelly
Head of Anthony Gell School Wirksworth Malcolm Kelly

The summer term is always a very busy one as the school year culminates in an extraordinary amount of activity for students, staff and parents.

As well as the academic courses being studied at Anthony Gell, we will be offering numerous more opportunities for our students to experience something over and above that gained in the classroom.

Everything it seems from well dressing to dressing well - as the last half term began with the Wirksworth Well Dressings and finishes, for our older students, with ‘Proms’.

In between these two celebrations? Plenty of good quality lessons and… one or two exams!

Our attention also begins to focus on our next cohort of students as the pupils who are currently celebrating the end of their SATs in year six begin to spend more and more time in their secondary school of choice.

Gone are the days it seems when your first day at secondary school was that day at the very start of your first year.

Instead, there is a carefully crafted programme of activities, spread over several weeks, to introduce you to the next stage in your learning.

The transition programme from year six into year seven, which includes days spent in your new school meeting new people and extending your learning, is a far cry from my memories of starting ‘big school’.

I can remember the last part of my primary education largely due to the amount of fun we had in saying our long goodbyes to teachers who had looked after us since before we could remember.

That summer holiday seemed longer than any other and I’m sure I had almost forgotten how to even hold a pen let alone spell correctly by the time the start of September came around!

It’s not just a time of transition for our youngest students - as our year 11s will also be helped to move into the next stage of their education.

For most of our students at AGS this is a move into our Sixth Form and an opportunity to study subjects of their choosing in much greater depth.

This move is also not left to chance. Our students have been assisted every step of the way, and will continue to be so, until each is settled into a post-16 pathway that best matches their individual needs.

Students who will be hoping to secure a place in the AGS sixth form in September will have project work set for them over the holiday period.

This forms the first part of the assessments in their sixth form courses. Not much chance therefore of forgetting how to hold a pen. Oh how times change.