Come and see me at festival

The enthusiasm of those attending the Climate Change Festival at Cromford Mill this Bank Holiday was impressive.

In the case of the Great Longstone resident, curating her models of the Polar icecaps, this was almost overwhelming, as she had been to both North and South Poles and declared her preference for a life at minus 40 degrees.

My dissent from the opinions of those present rests on my rejection of their belief that their enthusiasm is transmissible to the general population.

It is not true that “everyone” agrees to aim for a “legally binding” treaty on “capping and convergence” for Co2 emissions.

The Kyoto agreement apparently achieved its aims not because of its legal force, but due to the banking crisis. The proposed “cap and converge” would cut Western production far more drastically than the Wall Street crash, and throw into reverse the Industrial Revolution now taking place in China. There is no prospect of any nation agreeing to such things.

I reject the alleged case, with its Thatcherite overtones, that “there is no alternative”.

My case for a climate change policy based on what is possible will be set out at a Wirksworth Festival event at the Derbyshire Eco Centre, on Thursday, September 20, at 7.30pm.

I repeat my invitation to Green activists and others to consider policies which conform to economic and political reality.

Dr E.L.Rutherford

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