Con artists selling fake charity raffle tickets

The Air Ambulance Service is warning the public to be aware of people fraudulently making money by claiming to be the charity.

A group of people wearing hi-visibility jackets were found to be selling raffle tickets at this years Bakewell Show, falsely claiming that the proceeds would go to the Air Ambulance charity.

TAAS Fundraising Manager, David Reeves, said: “Unfortunately there are some people who attempt to make money by impersonating a charity.

“We can confirm that we were not holding a raffle at the Bakewell Show and the raffle tickets that were sold were fraudulent.

“If people are in any doubt over whether collectors claiming to be from The Air Ambulance Service are genuine, they can ask to see their ID badges which all of our fundraisers carry.”

Police have been informed about the incident and will be contacting the organisers of the upcoming Chatsworth Show to ensure there isn’t a repeat of fraudulent behaviour.

David said: “Despite this, The Bakewell Show was still a great success for the Charity with our volunteers raising over £900 thanks to generous donations from members of the public – a fantastic amount of money.”