Conservatory or extension?

You need more space but here’s the dilemma, conservatory or extension – which is best for you and your family?

According to Greg Young, director of Intercounty: “Conservatories are very fashionable at the moment but there are pitfalls. They can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter.

“They’re nice if they’re well built and fitted with heating and air conditioning but if you want to add value to your property then a properly-done extension wins hands down.”

Greg says a lot of people who splash out on a conservatory find they are unsure what to do with it when it’s built or end up using it for the wrong reasons, as a dumping ground for children’s toys instead of a space where grown-ups can relax.

He says: “An extension to your home needs to be used for the purpose it was meant for, so if you build an extension as a snooker room or teenage TV den, then that’s a winner.”

“Like all these things, how you do it matters almost more than whether you do it.

“If you do opt for an extension, then avoid the flat-roofed, single-storey horror and don’t go with the cheapest builder.

“A good extension will blend perfectly with the original house, so you can’t recognise it as an add-on. Watch out for extensions being done locally and if you like the end result, knock and ask the homeowner for the builder’s details.

“Aesthetics are everything. And if your home is on the market and your conservatory or extension has become a mess, then spend time making it appealing. Get rid of the junk entirely or pay to have it stored and buy or borrow some attractive furniture for the room. It will pay dividends in the end.”