Consider the needs of your sick residents

I have read with interest this week in the national newspapers about government money being given to councils to enable them to restore weekly bin collections.

However, despite the extra funding, most have opted out of the chance to bring back weekly collections and have used up the money for alternative recycling methods.

The reason for this is that they claim the majority of the population, when surveyed, would prefer fortnightly collections.

At this point in time I have yet to meet anyone who has taken part in these surveys.

We have recently moved to the next village. In our previous property we had been given the new blue bins and informed that we were to be on fortnightly bin collections for the grey bin.

We, like many other families within the Derbyshire Dales area, have to fill our grey bin with clinical waste because we have a sick person in our household.

The new recycling procedures do not fit our needs. In a rural area where foxes and rats are prevelant, it does not help to have bins that are overflowing, let alone the smell in the summer months.

This is worse since our move, because although we applied for a large grey bin weeks ago, it did not arrive.

I was told if I put bags out they would take them on blue bin day, but they didn’t.

When I complained they assured me that if I put the waste in the empty blue bin they would take it on a grey bin day - this, again did not happen.

I now have a blue bin full of clinical waste, so I cannot place cardboard or plastics in it that they were supposed to empty today.

In NE Derbyshire I am told they have a clinical waste collection which is seperate to the other collections. Why is it not available in the Derbyshire Dales?

I would be interested to know if any of your readers have been asked whether they prefer weekly or fortnightly collections, and ask Derbyshire Dales District Council why they have not considered vulnerable, sick people’s environmental needs?

Mrs Wright