Contraception campaign for Derbyshire

AN INNOVATIVE campaign targeting young women about lasting and reliable contraception has been launched by NHS Derbyshire.

The £20,000 scheme advises that women will have ‘one less worry’ when it comes to pregnancy if they choose to use contraceptive implants, injections or the coil. This is because the success rate of these methods is more than 99 per cent.

The campaign, funded through money from the Department of Health to promote Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), displays two striking images of young girls who’ve ‘missed something’.

The first – and most powerful image – shows a girl in a red dress who has unintentionally left her bold leopard print knickers on display at the back. The other shows a young girl who has forgotten to remove the price tag from the back of her dress.

Maureen Whittaker, associate director of public health for NHS Derbyshire, said: “Long-lasting birth controls are the most effective and reliable form of contraception and can protect against pregnancy for months or even years. They are also completely reversible.

“Long-lasting contraceptions are much more effective than the pill because women often forget to take their pill at the same time every day, which is why we are leading with the phrase ‘one less worry’. Our campaign clearly sets out what options are available to women and explains how they work in a jargon-free manner.”

The campaign is being targeted at young women aged between 15 and 20. Adverts promoting the campaign will run on Facebook and be displayed on buses and in phone boxes in key areas in Chesterfield and Derby.

A dedicated website at, text messaging service and 10,000 leaflets going to GPs, pharmacies, schools, sexual health clinics and youth services are also being launched.