Controversy over Hitler busts on market

Chesterfield Medieval Market:
Chesterfield Medieval Market:

A pair of Adolf Hitler statues - for sale on Chesterfield Market - are at the centre of a council battle after an angry shopper declared they should be banned.

Mick Watson, aged 63, of Barlow in Dronfield wants to see the four-inch tall bronze busts scrapped from Chesterfield Market and has already issued a formal complaint to the council.

He said: “They have been on the stall for years. At first I thought it was just bad taste, but he must have loads as they keep reappearing. Either that or they aren’t selling, but if they aren’t selling why does he keep bringing them out?” Mick, a retired teacher, said he feels the busts give off the wrong image about the town.

“You think, ‘What sort of town is this?’ I personally won’t be shopping here until they are removed.

“Hitler killed millions of people.”

Mick has contacted Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins about the issue, who has taken it up with Derbyshire’s police and crime commisioner Alan Charles.

He said: “I am appalled that such an offensive item is on sale at our market and deeply worried that such merchandise is allowed to be sold considering the disturbing and provocative nature of the individual and ideology that they represent.

“I am delighted to say that after making representation to Alan Charles, these items have been removed from sale.”

But Mick wants the council to implement a blanket ban of all Hitler-related items on the market.

One market trader selling Hitler postcards , who didn’t wish to be named, said the items are sought by collectors.

Councillor Amanda Serjeant, Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive member for leisure, culture and tourism said: “We allow traders to sell items which are of historical value and militaria and items sold on the flea market are ones which could be found in antique or collectors’ shops.

“Our markets team work closely with market traders to make sure the items sold are within the bounds of taste and decency.”