Copper cable stolen

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METAL thieves certainly didn’t have their wires crossed after nabbing nearly 400m of expensive copper cable.

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 2, thieves stole 360 metres of copper cable from a farm near Ashbourne.

The cable – which is extremely expensive – was stretched across two fields and was used to provide electricity to Bank Top Farm, Ashbourne.

The theft was not discovered until the farmer awoke at 7am on Tuesday to find his house had no power.

A spokesman for Western Power, the company that owns the cables, said: “As the cables were live when they were cut, it is obvious that the offenders would have had some electrical knowledge.”

Police added that scrap metal dealers should keep a look-out for people with a lot of copper wire – which has a 70mm diameter – for sale and said that thieves would have to use a large vehicle to transport the metal.