Costa will not add any value

There has been much discussion regarding the proposed opening of a Costa Coffee shop in Bakewell. Let us look at the facts.

There are currently 19 coffee shops in the town, visitor numbers are down by 18% year on year and the level of occupancy of coffee shop seats in the town is 30%.

Hence current coffee shops are struggling and an additional coffee shop could result in empty coffee shops.

This having been said the reason why the Bennetts shop has remained empty is that the landlord has in effect taken it off the market in order to pursue a change of use.

We must remember that any national chain will agree to high rents, setting a higher benchmark for future rent reviews throughout the town.

Serious analysts have drawn the conclusion that the current demise of high streets has resulted from short term thinking rather than long term planning.

Although Costa Coffee have stated that they will bring employment the net effect as shown in other towns will be negative.

Let’s not forget the whole chain – the local suppliers eg the local milk suppliers.

Employment is not only about earning money but having a pride in your work.

Independent coffee shop owners are people who have drive and imagination to develop their businesses in tune with their customers and would derive no job satisfaction from offering a routine counter service.

For these reasons Costa Coffee’s arrival will add no value to the town or local economy.

R.E. Ality.

Via email