Costa would be welcomed

I saw your story saying that residents and traders had lost their battle to stop Costa Coffee coming to Bakewell (Mercury, December 27).

You should be aware that only a few residents and traders actually do object to Costa coming to Bakewell.

Most residents and a majority of traders simply do not object and indeed a lot welcome Costa to Bakewell.

Arguably it would have been good to see an independent retailer in the premises concerned but given that none has taken it and it has been an off-putting empty blot for such a long time - since summer 2011 - this is ultimately better than what we currently have.

If nothing else Costa will attract increased footfall into that part of Bakewell and a number of those people will realise there are other, smaller and at least as attractive businesses there including an alternative coffee / snack shop that is a much different proposition and that many will choose instead.

Other businesses will also feel that footfall effect and benefit from it.

Currently lots of visitors simply stand a moment at the corner by the Bakewell Bookshop - look up King Street including the view of that big and obviously empty shop - then turn and walk back along Matlock Street. It is off putting. Anything that gets them up the street is better than that.

The actual objections to Costa are not being made terribly clear by those who are opposing them and there is a danger that in some cases there is simply a fear of competition.

That should not be the response to a company that wants to open in Bakewell and to create employment - if other traders fear Costa the answer for them is to offer something different that attracts and keeps customers.

Denis Mooney