Council are urged to sort parking on Coombes Road

Residents and farm workers in Bakewell have urged the council to “sort the Coombes Road parking situation” as was intended amid concerns over safety and the effect on people’s livelihoods.

Currently, Coombes Road has designated parking along one third of its length and the rest is unrestricted – meaning that people are able to park their car at any time of the day.

Pat Lunn, Coombes Road resident, explained that both sides of the road are often lined with cars, making it extremely difficult for delivery and agricultural vehicles to pass.

“It gets so bad that emergency vehicles would not be able to get through and there’s been numerous times when my gas deliveries haven’t been able to get up Coombes Road,” she said.

The issue was brought to Derbyshire County Council’s Highways Department around two years ago, and the authority drew up plans to put double yellow lines down the unrestricted part of the road.

But the initiative was never implemented.

Cllr Judith Twigg said: “I think nothing happened because we didn’t quite pursue the matter enough.”

But a spokesperson for the Highways Department said that the authority was “aware of the problems” and would begin a public consultation within the “next month or so”.