Councillor was patronising

I am writing as I am shocked and dismayed at the letters sent to the Matlock Mercury from Cllr Bob Cartwright.

John Evans, Vicki Raynes and Jane Flanagan, have taken the time to raise a lot of questions over the concerns of local people. It seems to me that they are trying to preserve the character of their local area, and I for one am behind them all the way.

In my opinion, Cllr Cartwright’s response was nothing short of rude, patronising, condescending and somewhat egotistical. This man is supposed to be representing the electorate yet he seems to view them with disdain, taking pleasure in talking down to them and attempting to discredit their opinions by dismissing them as nimby’s.

No wonder Mrs Flanagan was concerned that talks between the public and the council were merely a cosmetic exercise.

Lisa Ball