Counterpoint by Scott Freeman I raised a silent cheer for the Church – at first


When a senior cleric at St Paul’s asked police to leave the steps of the Cathedral where the Occupy London anti-capitalist protesters had set up camp, I raised a silent cheer.

Here, I thought, was the Church standing aside from politics, making no judgement and allowing citizens who considered themselves oppressed to make their voices heard.

But within days, the Cathedral hierarchy had changed its tune and asked them to leave, claiming they were forced to shut the Cathedral on ‘safety grounds’.

And what exactly would they be? This is a self-proclaimed peaceful protest, so perhaps they are worried passers-by may catch something?

Or is it more to do with the loss of tourist income? Have they never heard the story of Jesus and the money-lenders?

Could it be that their friends in Downing Street have leant on them to end this high profile embarrassment to the banker-political classes coalition.

Methinks dark forces may have been at work.

And.... So, Dave has been given a bloody nose by a bunch of euro-sceptic Tories who have ignored his demands to ignore public pressure for a referendum on staying in the EU. So what’s new? or ‘plus ca change?” as they say in Paris.

I suspect it says more about his authority than it does about democracy. The problem for our masters in Westminster is that the public don’t slavishly follow their carefully sanitised manifesto.

If given the chance, I suspect it would be a close call on whether the great unwashed would say ‘adieu’ to our continental neighbours.

But this idea of a Who-Wants-to-be-a-Millionaire ‘ask the audience’ reality check could get out of hand. Surveys suggest that the great British public would also vote for a return of capital punishment. I suspect, too, that bear-baiting on the market place would be a popular attraction if given the option.

Perhaps Dave should phone a friend. If he has got any left.

Counterpoint by Scott Freeman