Counterpoint by Scott Freeman My prediction came true far too soon


I had to pinch myself this week. For a moment I thought I was in some kind of parallel universe. In front of me in the morning newspaper was, in black and white, an article of the greatest import.

What took the wind out me was not the news itself, but the fact that I had just a few months ago, in this very column, predicted the content of this article, which was now being broadcast around the world.

In the Mercury dated November 10 (check it out) I was remarking on The Science of the Bleeding Predictable. The then-latest piece of university research, had just been published: That unfit people could get fit by taking exercise.

I remarked that in order that we did not again have to wait, chequebook in hand, for professors to confirm what we already knew I would offer the following observation: “In virtually all circumstances weight problems can be cured by eating less and taking more exercise. If that does not succeed, eating still smaller portions should do the trick.”

Astonishingly earlier this week it was revealed – by no less than SIX Harvard University scientists – after extensive study of more than 4,000 obese people (wait for it) that those that ate less food lost weight, and that those that exercised too lost even more! Who would’ve thought.

I can’t help but think I may be missing a trick here. I mean, who needs the combined IQ of America’s finest minds when I was six months ahead of the game?

A new career awaits. Scott the Soothsayer. Behold a man who can see the future, a 21st century Nostradamus. Put away your Old Moore’s Almanack, Freeman can predict the destiny of mankind.

I will be putting an all-enlightening book together soon, but to keep you going here’s a couple of early thoughts:

Drinking too much can make you intoxicated (I have reason to believe this is work in progress at some of the UK’s finest universities)

Spending more money than you have – listen up European heads of state – leads to debt problems Watch this space for more earth shattering revelations…