Couple fined after car park camera ‘mix-up’

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An elderly couple received a £70 ticket after their car was snapped by Aldi parking cameras twice in one day.

Robert and Marlene Clarke went to the supermarket on Manor Road, Ilkeston, on January 31 in the morning.

In the afternoon the pair’s daughter borrowed their car and also went to the shop to do her own shopping.

A few days later the Clarkes received the parking charge notice from private firm, Parking Eye.

Marlene explained: “We were only at the shop for about half an hour but they’re saying we went in at 9.20am and didn’t leave until 2.56pm.

“We obviously hadn’t been there all that time, we rang up to explain but it’s an automated service.

“We are writing to the parking company but we’ve paid the fine in the meantime as it was £40 if you sorted it within 14 days.

“We can’t afford to pay that let alone the £70, we didn’t want to risk it.”

When Mrs Clarke went into the store to speak to staff about the fine, she was told that by paying it the couple had accepted their guilt.

She said: “We didn’t break any rules and never would.

“It’s just a mix-up and I hope it gets sorted out.”

The Advertiser contacted both Aldi and Parking Eye on Mr and Mrs Clarke’s behalf.

A spokesman for Parking Eye explained: “We have not yet received an appeal in connection to this incident.

“We await the Clarke’s letter and the situation will be reviewed when we have received it and looked into what happened.”

Aldi did not provide a comment before The Advertiser went to press but advised the couple to get in touch with their customer service team.