Couple gets silver screen plan rolling

A couple are hoping to bring a bit of Hollywood glamour to Wirksworth’s bustling art scene.

Husband and wife team Paul Carr and Esther Patterson have dreams of opening their own cinema on the site of the former Westons shop, in North End.

The film fans, who have lived in the town for 16 years, have had the idea for a number of years, but started to work on it after purchasing the premises.

Paul explained: “We realised the building really lends itself to a small cinema and we were really excited.”

Esther added: “When it hit us what the space could be used for we spent all weekend just enthusiastically doing plans for it.”

Having consulted with neighbouring houses, the couple has come up with a plan for a 62 seater cinema with a bar area that could accommodate up to 36 people.

Paul said: “It’s going to be an eclectic mix of films to represent the town of Wirksworth, there will be blockbusters and a few art house films, but also classics and children’s films.”

“It needs to have a mix really because it is for the community,” Esther continued.

Paul and Esther expect the venue will need parking for around 15 to 20 cars per evening, which they believe can be accommodated using existing car parks in the town.

They are inviting people to sponsor the cinema seats, which have been purchased from the Darlington Civic Theatre and covered in vintage fabric.

While the cinema will have members, the couple are adamant they want it to be available to non members as well.

Four full time jobs are expected to be created through the scheme.

The pair will be submitting the plans to the council next month and hope to open the cinema in spring next year.

Further information on the project can be found by visiting