‘Crash for cash’ gangs pose rural menace

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MOTORISTS in rural areas are increasingly being targeted by ‘crash for cash’ insurance fraudsters, according to a new report by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB).

Such scams have been well documented in urban communities, but until now it had not been noted as a problem for rural areas.

As one of the insurance companies closely involved with the IFB, NFU Mutual’s experience of induced and staged accidents – where criminals engineer an accident to claim insurance money off an innocent motorist – revealed that the problem is growing in the countryside just like urban areas.

Rob Spiegelhalter, Claims Fraud Manager at NFU Mutual, said: “I think there can be a perception that this is mainly an urban problem but it is affecting rural areas as well.

“Not only are A roads, big roundabouts and major junctions arguably more likely to be found beyond the cities themselves, but the less populous the location the less likely it is that there will be witnesses there to potentially contradict the version of accounts presented by the fraudsters.

“In particular these gangs are on the look out for victims who they think will take the ‘easy’ option and let their insurer settle claims rather than fighting them through the courts, so we’d especially urge elderly drivers, lone female drivers and anyone driving a clearly liveried company vehicle to remain vigilant.”

Have you been targeted in a ‘crash for cash’ scam? If so, we urge you to share your story in a bid to make others aware. Contact news@matlockmercury.co.uk or call 01246 504536.