CRICH: Help in the pursuit of happiness

John Harrison and Teresa Bianca-Harrison planning their new meeting group
John Harrison and Teresa Bianca-Harrison planning their new meeting group

A husband and wife duo are set to banish those winter blues – with a new class certain to raise a smile.

Spiritual experts John and Theresa Harrison are set to launch the Derbyshire Positive Living Group on February 20 at the Glebe Centre in Crich.

The series of classes aim to draw the Alfreton couple’s vast knowledge in meditation, Reiki, Chikung, palmistry and more to help you brush aside those January cobwebs and find happiness.

“The idea is to help people with their personal development – to raise their spirits and give them a positive attitude,” said John, 57, who makes his living as a spiritual therapist and is one of Europe’s leading palm readers.

He and Theresa have almost 60 years of combined experience in a range of different methods of spiritual remedies and practices.

Former youth trainer with Derbyshire County Council Teresa, 60, discovered meditation 27 years ago and went on to study dietry and ‘thought field’ therapy as well.

Now retired, she hopes the classes will get people into meditation and the wellbeing it can offer during difficult financial times.

“We just realised that people are under a lot of stress and pressure. Everyone is under duress financially at the moment.

“But there are ways to be fulfilled – even in this climate.”

The classes are to run every third Wednesday of the month and are open to all ages. Each session is £5 and will often involve guest speakers in other fields such as Yoga and acupuncture.

But John, who met Teresa at a spiritual trade fair in 2003, says the group aims to be more than just a series of lectures on spiritual therapies.

He hopes that people will learn how to practice skills, like meditation, at the classes for themselves.

He said: “It’s about giving people the tools to enhance their quality of life – and to develop themselves spiritually.”

For more information, or to book, call John on 01773 688479 or email