Crich Village Tramway volunteer Gordon Burch talks about the love of trams which fuels his work

Gordon Burch who volunteers at the Crich Tramway Village.
Gordon Burch who volunteers at the Crich Tramway Village.

When Ralph Waldo Emerson said life was a journey, not a destination he may not have a had a specific mode of transport in mind but it is perhaps true to say that we all have fond memories of a particular vehicle.

Whether it be a particular car, which reminds us of family holidays and days out or even a ferry of some kind, it is possible we all have a favourite.

For Gordon Burch it is trams.

The 74 year-old, who volunteers at Crich Tramway Village, grew up in East Dulwich, south east London, when it still had a tramline and for him the trolleys represented freedom.

“As a working a working class boy in London they gave me the ability to get around and that gave me an emotional attachment to these loud, noisy vehicles,” said Goron.

“Relative to the time they were warm and dry when it was raining and cold outside. They were a wonderful combination of functionality and design.

“They were a symbol of unicipal pride.”

Gordon spent a long time in the Army driving big vehicles and even flying them, so had a keen interest in mechanical machines.

But after retiring ten years ago and finding himself at too much of a loose end, the grandfather-of-four started volunteering at the museum.

He said: “I came for one of the tram driving experiences and after that I was hooked - it was absolutely wonderful.

“We have a particularly challenging mile of track here which you can take one of the longer trams on - to get your hands on something that meant so much when you were young is wonderful.”

Gordon takes on a range of responsibilities at Crich Tramway Village - from running the tram driving experiences to answering general enquiries and working in the marketing department .

And volunteers vary in age - from the more mature to younger enthusiasts who have found a love for the machines while on trips to Blackpool.

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