Cries to scrap Matlock’s one–way system

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Townspeople are calling for a one way system to be revoked amid claims that it has made traffic congestion on Matlock worse.

Matlock Bridge was made one–way when the Sainsbury’s bypass was built, however residents are complaining that it has done nothing to improve traffic problems in the town centre.

David Knowles, of Darley Dale, said he believes the one-way system has made traffic worse over the years and many tourists going to Matlock Bath still travel through the centre of Matlock, rather than using the bypass, which was created to reduce congestion in the town centre.

The management consultant added: “I really like the fact that McDonald’s and Premier Inn want to come, but I think we’ve got to get it right with the roads , otherwise it will be laughable.”

David said that the addition of new companies to Matlock was likely to bring an increase in visitors to the town.

“It just needs some kind of plan.”

He said the main problems he found with the current traffic system in the town were the one–way system on the bridge and the pedestrian crossing on Dale Road which he argued was too close to the traffic lights.

Several Mercury readers echoed David’s comments on Facebook.

Tom Furnival said: “Should never of shut the bridge to a one way. All traffic going into Matlock us the bridge. Traffic for Darley Dale and so on use the by pass. Simple.”

Jake David also suggested the bridge be made two–way again

He said: “The council’s reason for closing it to stop unnecessary HGVs from going through the town centre is invalid. A weight restriction would have sorted that. Even without a restriction, what lorry driver is going to take a detour through the town centre when they got a bypass?”

Lisa Jules Mctighe commented: “The bridge NEEDS to be reopened! Let’s face it if the Queen’s people decided that was the right way to go into town surely that ends the debate.”

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: ““Matlock is always busier in the school summer holidays because of the people who visit the town. Many local businesses depend on this trade. This year with Starkholmes Road being closed because of the work National Grid need to do has possibly made it a little busier.

“We do recognise that at certain times Matlock can be congested. We are already looking at what we could do to help traffic flow, but we do not think that making the bridge two-way again would help.

“If we feel we can make some alterations we will discuss these with the local traders, town and district council before we make any changes.”