A homeless man is back behind bars after he failed to comply with the Sex Offenders’ Register

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A homeless offender who has continued to breach the Sex Offenders’ Register by failing to report to police has been jailed.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on July 10 how Ross Beardsley, 31, of no fixed abode, admitted failing to report to a police station after he became homeless when he had been required to comply under the Sexual Offences Act.

Prosecuting solicitor Neil Hollett explained Beardsley is subject to requirements of the Sex Offenders’ Register until August, 2023, and he was released from his last term of custody in June for a previous breach.

The defendant registered as homeless and needs to report to police every seven days so Derbyshire Constabulary can remain aware of his whereabouts but he failed to do so, according to Mr Hollett.

Beardsley told police he had failed to register on Saturday, July 6, because he thought the police station was closed over the weekend and he lost track of days and ended up going the following Tuesday.

Defence solicitor Steve Brint outlined Beardsley’s tragic circumstances after he had done well as a youngster with GCSEs but became homeless in Chesterfield after falling out with his mother.

Mr Brint added that from 2014 Beardsley made regular court appearances while he was associating with the wrong people and he was using cannabis before he became addicted to the zombie-drug Mamba.

Beardsley was dealt with for an offence of exposure in 2016 and became subject to the Sex Offenders’ Register, according to Mr Brint.

But Mr Brint added that as a homeless person Beardsley had to register every seven days with police and he has struggled to so and has previously been jailed for failing to register and his latest failure is his seventh breach.

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Mr Brint said he registered with police in June but failed to do so on July 6 but he genuinely believed the police station was closed at the weekend and he intended to report on the Monday but he collapsed and needed to go to hospital.

Beardsley also admitted committing the breach during an on-going suspended sentence order which had also been imposed for breaching the Sexual Offenders’ Register.

Mr Brint argued that sending Beardsley to custody would not achieve anything and he urged magistrates to consider deferring his sentence to give the defendant a chance to comply.

However, magistrates opted to sentence Beardsley to 14 weeks of custody and he was also ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge.