Blood-soaked assault victim’s night of horror

Pictured is Chris Hopkinson, 18, of Staveley, who was viciously attacked by two thugs in Creswell.
Pictured is Chris Hopkinson, 18, of Staveley, who was viciously attacked by two thugs in Creswell.

The brave victim of an horrific street attack by two vicious thugs has told how his head was smashed to a bloody pulp and he has been left scarred for life.

Derby Crown Court heard how Chris Hopkinson, 18, of Staveley, was knocked unconscious and kicked black-and-blue by Reece Hardy and Jordon Humphrey outside a birthday party at Creswell Social Centre.

The Netherthorpe School A-Level student’s face was transformed into a swollen, bloody pulp with black eyes and cuts to his cheeks, forehead, eyebrow and nose needing thirteen stitches.

Chris told the Derbyshire Times: “There was so much blood. It was unreal. My t-shirt and jeans were covered. I had my head on this girl’s lap while I was coming round afterwards and her legs were covered in blood too.

“I had to hold my eyebrow on so it didn’t peel away with all the blood running down my face.

“A few people from the area told me it looked like there had been a murder because there was so much blood in the road.

“I came round and police showed me a photo of my injuries and I was so shocked.”

Mark Knowles, prosecuting, said during the sentencing hearing last week how a group of friends from Staveley had attended the party on May 10.

The court heard how Hardy and Humphrey, both of Creswell, were initially involved in an assault on one teenager inside the club who was punched and another assault outside where a further victim was struck in the face.

Hardy and Humphrey subsequently attacked Chris who was knocked to the ground and kicked while he was unconscious and left facially scarred.

Mr Knowles added: “He was kicked by both defendants and a witness said it was like the volleying of a football and (involved) a stamping on the head.”

Sarah Brown, defending Hardy, said it was a combination of immaturity and alcohol and he is ashamed and acted out of character.

Will Bennett, defending Humphrey, said he was drunk and is sickened by what he has done. Neither has previous convictions.

Judge John Burgess sentenced Hardy, 18, of Dover Street, Creswell, to 22 months’ custody and Jordon Humphrey, 19, of Linden Road, Creswell, to 20 months’ custody.

Both admitted two counts of assault and one count of causing grievous bodily harm.

Judge Burgess told them: “What you did was terrible. All you have to do is look at the photographs of this young man - look at the scarring? He will have to endure comments.

“People ask him what happened and he feels people who don’t know him question whether he is trouble.”

Chris, who was treated at Chesterfield Royal Hospital and wants to be a police officer, explained Hardy and Humphrey attacked his friends before turning on him.

The teenager struggled through his A Level exams just two days after the bloodbath with dizziness and headaches and has been forced to re-do his studies to get better grades.

Chris added: “After it happened I woke and it hurt and I couldn’t open my eyes because of the swelling.

“I didn’t feel comfortable going out by myself or going to parties and when I got back to playing cricket for Staveley Miners’ Welfare I wasn’t at my best.

“But I am pleased these two have been dealt with and now they have been sentenced I want to put it all behind me and get on with my life.”