Chesterfield man is accused of attempting to murder his dad

Chesterfield magistrates court.
Chesterfield magistrates court.

A son has been accused of attempting to murder his father after he allegedly ran him down with his car.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Dean Wilson, 37, of Spital Lane, Chesterfield, has been accused of trying to take his father Norman Wilson’s life on Gloucester Road, Chesterfield, after he believed his father had had an affair with the defendant’s partner.

Prosecuting solicitor Ian Shaw claimed a witness saw the vehicle allegedly hit Norman Wilson and then allegedly reverse over him twice on October 31.

Defence solicitor Julie Page said Dean Wilson believed his ex-partner had had an affair with his father and the defendant had visited him to ask him to leave the area when the alleged offence occurred.

Magistrates committed the case to Nottingham Crown Court on November 17. Wilson, who has not yet entered a plea, was remanded in custody until the next court hearing.