Cops offer shopping security advice to motorists

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Officers from the Walton and West Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team have been out spotting vulnerable vehicles and helping shoppers stay safe at a Chesterfield supermarket.

PC Dave Randell and PCSO Kirsty Handby spent a number of hours at Morrison’s on Chatsworth Road speaking to local residents, fitting purse chains and offering safety advice.

While at the store the officers also had a check round for any cars that had been parked up and left with valuables on show, a window open or a door unlocked.

Targeting purse and handbag thefts is a current priority for the Walton and West Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, who are also trialling the Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme.

The Vulnerable Vehicle Scheme scheme has been launched to help reduce the number of incidents where thieves take advantage of unlocked doors or are tempted by valuables being left on display.

While out on patrol officers, on those Safer Neighbourhood policing teams taking part, are keeping an eye out for vehicles which are more at risk of being targeted by thieves.

If officers come across a vulnerable vehicle, they try to contact the owner to make them aware, to raise awareness of the risk and encourage them to follow crime prevention advice.

In cases where it is difficult for officers to find them, a letter is sent to the owner with details of what officers found during their patrol, along with further advice and information on the scheme.

PCSO Kirsty Handby said: “The event was really successful, because we had the chance to speak with many local residents, and raise awareness of how to stay safe both while shopping and also when you leave your vehicle.”

The team hold regular surgeries and crime prevention events in the area.

To contact your local Safer Neighbourhood policing team call 101 or email