Crime falls in the county for eighth year running

Crime in Derbyshire has fallen for the eighth year running.

This week the Home Office published the annual crime figures for England and Wales for 2010-11.

Crime overall in the county has reduced from 68,005 in 2009/10 to 65,884 in 2010/11 meaning there were more than 2,000 fewer victims this year compared to last year.

Compared to 2002/03, when National Crime Recording Standards were introduced across the country, there are 37,000 fewer victims of crime, an overall reduction of 36 per cent.

The end of year figures also saw domestic burglary reduced by two per cent, vehicle crime by 16 per cent and criminal damage by 12 per cent. Anti-social behaviour incidents were reduced by eight per cent. Violent crime as a whole rose by four per cent.

Chief Constable Mick Creedon said: “It’s a fantastic achievement to have recorded an eighth year in a row of crime reductions.

“I must pay tribute to the commitment, dedication and hard work of all our officers and staff. Once again they have managed to achieve a reduction.”