EXPOSED: Rotherham child sex abuse scandal - everything you need to know

Rotherham child sex abuse scandal - everything you need to know
Rotherham child sex abuse scandal - everything you need to know

Rotherham’s child sex abuse scandal has shocked the nation - here we feature a timeline of headlines and links to bring you all the background, for everything you need to know.

The scandal has resulted in mass resignations since Professor Alexis Jay’s independent report in August 2014.

It revealed how at least 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham by gangs of men, who were predominantly of Pakistani origin, between 1997 and 2013.

It said girls as young as 11 were raped by “large numbers of male perpetrators” and revealed “collective failures” of political, police and social care leadership.

Below is our timeline of headlines which cover the key developments, going back to when Professor Jay’s report was published. Click on the links to read the full story.

FEB 24, 2015:

Police chiefs to meet author of report on council’s failure to tackle child secual exploitation in Rotherham

FEB 5, 2015:

Resigned Rotherham leader denies being in denial over child abuse scandal

Child abuse inquiry judge to look at sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Rotherham Labour group: We have not been able to do enough, quickly enough.

South Yorkshire Police criticised in Casey report.

Petition calls for Rotherham council staff to be prosecuted over child sex abuse scandal.

Police chiefs in South Yorkshire admit more needs to be done to help victims of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.

Rotherham Council’s cabinet quit after new report says children are still not safe in town.

Opinion: Rotherham is let down again.

FEB 4, 2015:

Entire Rotherham Council cabinet resigns at once over new abuse report.

Rotherham Council leader resigns after new damning child abuse report.

Rotherham Council slammed as not fit for purpose in new child sex abuse report.

All out election for every member of Rotherham Council announced by Government.

National Crime Agency to examine potentially criminal matters from Rotherham Council report.

Former police and crime commissioner ‘refused’ to give evidence to Rotherham investigators.

Overwhelming denial at Rotherham Council over Jay Report’s child sex abuse findings

Police officer and councillors abused girls in Rotherham - new claims today.

FEB 3, 2015:

Twenty new complaints about South Yorkshire Police officers over Rotherham scandal.

JANUARY 29, 2015:

Rotherham abuse scandal even worse than first thought.

Rotherham abuse underestimated.


Rotherham charity boss takes new role helping town abuse victims.

JANUARY 16, 2015:

Ed Miliband admits Rotherham child abuse victims were terribly let down by Labour representatives.

JANUARY 14, 2015:

Rotherham MP lays flowers at Westminster event to support child abuse victims.

JANUARY 13, 2015:

Rotherham child abuse victims unsafe to return to town.

JANUARY 12, 2015:

Apathy wins in campaign to elect new crime chief.

JANUARY 5, 2015:

Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police refuse to publish child abuse reports.

Taxpayers face bill for compensation payouts to Rotherham’s child abuse victims.

JANUARY 4, 2015:

Not enough support for Rotherham abuse victims warns report author.

DECEMBER 18, 2014:

NCA start new independent investigation into Rotherham child abuse cases.


170 child sexual exploitation referrals made in Doncaster this year.

DECEMBER 4, 2014:

Rotherham abuse victims to submit new complaints about South Yorkshire Police failures.

DECEMBER 3, 2014:

Martin Kimber leaves Rotherham Council early with £26,000 payment and child abuse internal investigation uncompleted.

DECEMBER 1, 2014:

Police watchdog close to making decision over ex-Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright.

NOVEMBER 21, 2014:

Rotherham MP quizzes Prime Minister over child abuse scandal in Rotherham.

NOVEMBER 17, 2014:

Alexis Jay: Years of missing records mean Rotherham child abuse numbers much higher than 1,400.

NOVEMBER 6, 2014:

Shame keeping Asian girls in Rotherham silent on abuse.

NOVEMBER 1, 2014:

I will listen to you, says South Yorkshire’s new crime tsar.

OCTOBER 31, 2014:

Rotherham cabbies believe up to 30 drivers involved in abuse.

OCTOBER 27, 2014:

Rotherham Council managers under investigation over stolen files claim.

South Yorkshire MP backs Rotherham victim’s counselling petition.

OCTOBER 24, 2014:

Jay report could be tip of iceberg when it comes to child abuse special report.

OCTOBER 23, 2014:

Former South Yorkshire police commissioner Shaun Wright likely to face criminal investigation.

OCTOBER 21, 2014:

New Fiona Woolf child abuse inquiry may examine stolen Rotherham abuse files issue.

Fiona Woolf promises child abuse inquiry will investigate stolen Rotherham files.

Keith Vaz astounded by former Rotherham children’s services boss Joyce Thacker £40,000 pay-off.

OCTOBER 18, 2014:

EXCLUSIVE Shamed Joyce Thacker gets £40,000 pay-off from Rotherham Council following child sexual exploitation scandal.

Call to investigate suspected Rotherham cover-up after key child abuse files stolen.

Former crime commissioner Shaun Wright unable to back up claim of 100 messages of support.

Call for Thacker to donate pay-off to victims’ charity.

OCTOBER 15, 2014:

Faith leaders in Sheffield claim Rotherham child abuse scandal is being used to breed hatred.

Rotherham abuse victim starts campaign for counselling services funding.

OCTOBER 14, 2014:

Specialist appointed to support abuse victims in Rotherham.

OCTOBER 2, 2014:

Hate crime on the rise in wake of child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014:

Labour’s candidate to replace Shaun Wright backs idea of scrapping PCC posts.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014:

Joyce Thacker’s final report reveals Rotherham’s ongoing child sex exploitation problems.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014:

Police investigating 18 suspects over abuse of almost 300 Rotherham children.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2014:

VIDEO: Muslim protest against Rotherham child abuse held without incident.

Abused while I was in care - Rotherham victim tells her story.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2014:

Joyce Thacker leaves Rotherham Council by mutual agreement.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2014:

Shaun Wright’s former deputy rejected for interim PCC role.

Joyce Thacker goes off work on sick leave, Rotherham Council confirm.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014:

Rotherham abuse victim calls for more departures to follow Shaun Wright’s.

No payout for Shaun Wright.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014:

Shaun Wright quits as Police and Crime Commissioner in wake of Rotherham scandal.

Politicians welcome Shaun Wright’s decision to quit.

Star Opinion Wright move but it’s too late.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014:

Police arrest Rotherham abuse victim - after she confronts alleged abuser in the street.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2014:

Shaun Wright cancels second public surgery this month.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2014:

Furious Rotherham abuse victims tell Shaun Wright go now.

Rotherham victims and families demand proper answers from Shaun Wright.

SEPTEMBER 11, 2014:

Rotherham councillors call for Shaun Wright to quit - but say they won’t resign themselves.

EDL visit South Yorkshire Crime Commissioner’s home,

SEPTEMBER 9, 2014:
PCC Shaun Wright blames Government for district policing reductions.

Shaun Wright and Joyce Thacker reject committee’s calls to quit.

SEPTEMBER 3, 2014:

Sheffield Council unites in vote for PCC Shaun Wright to quit.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2014:

Sheffield vote of no confidence in under-fire Shaun Wright.

UKIP councillors demand justice for child sex abuse victims in Rotherham.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2014:

Police chief Wright will stand down in two years.

Sheffield examines Rotherham child sex abuse report.

AUGUST 31, 2014:

Babies of the Rotherham child abuse girls.

AUGUST 30, 2014:

Rotherham abuse report laid bare our failings, says police chief.

AUGUST 29, 2014:

Labour leader Ed Miliband speaks out on Rotherham abuse scandal.

Hundreds of suspects being investigated over South Yorkshire child abuse.

AUGUST 28, 2014:

Rotherham child sex abuse scandal the victims’ stories.

Shaun Wright’s deputy quits and says he should go over Rotherham scandal.

Children scared to walk the streets in Rotherham.

Wilful denial over abuse extent following Rotherham scandal.

AUGUST 27, 2014:

Rotherham councillors told of child sex abuse problems a decade ago but did nothing.

Shaun Wright quits Labour but stays as PCC.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright clings to job as pressure mounts.

Rotherham dads were arrested after tracking down abusers.

Suppressed 2002 report could have stopped Rotherham abuse.