Giving residents a greater say on how crime is dealt with

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Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles has launched a countywide consultation to gauge the public’s views on a criminal justice resolution which gives victims a greater say in how anti-social behaviour and low level crime is dealt with.

The recent Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act places a statutory duty on the Commissioner to develop a Community Remedy Document which sets out how public protection partners will deliver elements of restorative justice across the county and which offences or situations qualify for this style of approach.

Community Remedy is a way of delivering justice without involving court action and concentrates on rehabilitating offenders who have committed low-level offences by reconciling them with the victim of their crimes so that they might understand the impact of their offending.

Victims can ask the offender direct questions, receive an apology or have any damage repaired.

Have your say by completing the survey online at