Help for ‘threat to kill’ teen

From the courts
From the courts

A MATLOCK teenager who grabbed a knife and threatened to ‘kill somebody’ has been given help with his drink problem.

Ryan Scott (19) returned home the worse for drink and drugs and his worried mum called police, saying he was out of control.

Officers arrived at 4.15am and he was waiting outside. He asked them to take him away and he was led back inside the property.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting at Chesterfield magistrates court, said Scott became agitated and his mother him wanted to leave.

“He said: ‘I’m going to kill somebody. I’m going to murder somebody.’ He took a table knife from a drawer and two officers grabbed him.

“The knife was raised in his right hand and he refused to put it down. It was prised from his grasp and he struggled and threatened to head-butt the officers,” said Ms Mahon.

She added that he was placed inside a police van and he banged his head on a cage inside the vehicle so forcefully that the driver stopped in case Scott knocked himself out. He was then carried into a custody suite.

Scott later said in interview he had drunk up to five pints of beer plus some tequila slammers in Harveys bar after finishing work at midnight. He was a bar worker at the time.

“He said something upset him when he returned home and he made threats but he had no intention of harming anyone,” added Ms Mahon.

Scott, unemployed, of Rutland Avenue, Matlock, admitted a charge of affray on May 5. He received an 18-month probation supervision order, including an alcohol treatment programme.

“He has had no contact with his father since he was ten. His grandad died around the time that his girlfriend left him and he took solace in drink and drugs,” said Felicity Clarke, for Scott.

“He realises that he has an anger problem and needs help. He has the support of his mum. He wants to deal with the alcohol and drugs - he knows it is getting him into trouble.”