Neighbour accused of Twin Towers and Lee Rigby taunts

Pictured is Mohamed Dar, of Ley Gardens, Alfreton, who has denied two stalking charges.
Pictured is Mohamed Dar, of Ley Gardens, Alfreton, who has denied two stalking charges.

A neighbour accused of stalking has allegedly made pretend terror-related phone calls, dressed up in panto-style outfits and made false complaints to torment residents.

Mohamed Dar, 52, of Ley Gardens, Alfreton, has pleaded not guilty to stalking Louise Mountford and another neighbour Daniel Renshaw during the first day of a trial at Chesterfield magistrates’ court on Monday, April 28.

The court heard how Mr Dar has been accused of harassing Ms Mountford while allegedly delighting over the Twin Towers attack and the murder of soldier Lee Rigby during pretend phone calls.

Ms Mountford claimed Mr Dar uses costumes and props during taunts including a tombola England hat and glasses, a red velvet dinner jacket with pipe and slippers and an outfit that makes him look naked as well as a red and white headscarf and binoculars.

Ms Mountford told the court: “As I was going round to a friend’s he was pretending to be on the phone and was saying how happy he was about the murder of Lee Rigby and how funny he thought it was.”

She added: “He has his phone out and has conversations to make you hear it. They are always terror-related like 9-11 was the proudest moment of his life and he said he cried with joy.”

Ms Mountford told the court he wrote ‘Free Gaza’ on his house in red spray paint and later wrote ‘Free Palestine’.

She added: “He dresses up quite a bit. He’s got a wardrobe. He knows when you are going out and when you are coming back and tries to get a reaction. It’s like a show he puts on. He comes out and goes back to get his hat, pipe and slippers as you’re walking the dog. It’s not very pleasant. I put my head down and try to ignore it. I started to go to the police because my daughter is four and is very scared.”

Prosecuting solicitor Angela Hadfield said there have been difficulties with Mr Dar and neighbours going back a significant time.

She said: “Louise Mountford says there has been on-going harassment from Mr Dar. He has a better knowledge of her day-to-day routine than she does. Whenever she leaves the house and is due to return he knows and as soon as the family leaves he’s there to harass her.”

Ms Hadfield claimed he questioned and measured the height of a new fence Ms Mountford put up for privacy, he has allegedly followed and stared at Ms Mountford and her family and has allegedly stood on a wall and stared into a room at her home.

The mum-of-three added: “Sometimes he points his binoculars about. It’s a bit of pantomime.”

She added: “I don’t want to live here anymore. I don’t like to go into the garden. I don’t walk the dog anymore. It’s like being in prison but perhaps in prison you have more rights.”

Derbyshire firefighter Daniel Renshaw also claims Mr Dar phoned his work and made malicious complaints and that Mr Dar prays on the street when he walks past.

Mr Dar allegedly accused Mr Renshaw of using threatening behaviour against him but no police action was taken. The defendant also reported Mr Renshaw for leaving his car engine running after the firefighter had gone to help push another driver’s car.

Mr Renshaw also claims Mr Dar falsely complained to the fire service that he had made racist, monkey chants.

Mr Renshaw said: “He obviously follows me to work. He uses his background and religion to say I have made racial comments. It was a very stressful time. I didn’t know how work was going to take it.”

Denny Lau, defending, argued Ms Mountford dislikes Mr Dar and implied he uses his binoculars for star-gazing and that waving and saying hello is normal.

He also claimed to have found English Defence League and British National Party references on a residents’ group Facebook page but Ms Mountford said if she became aware of this she would disassociate herself with any such group.

The court also heard that Ms Mountford’s fence is now subject to a council investigation.

Mr Lau also argued Mr Dar’s praying is part of his religion but Mr Renshaw claims it happened too often in front of him to be coincidence.

Mr Dar, who has yet to give evidence, has denied stalking Ms Mountford between September 22, and November 13, 2013, and has denied staking Mr Renshaw between June 3, 2013, and October 31, 2013.

The trial was adjourned until May 12.