Neighbour has made family’s life a “misery”

Scott Vickers and his dad Peter, pictured, have told how Leopold Wrobel has upset their family.
Scott Vickers and his dad Peter, pictured, have told how Leopold Wrobel has upset their family.

A troubled family has claimed that a nuisance neighbour who has been punished for breaching a restraining order has made their lives a misery.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how Leopold Wrobel, 56, of Ravensdale Close, Inkersall, had previously been jailed in 2009 for breaching an ASBO and for harassing neighbours in Wingerworth.

He also had a two-year restraining order imposed on him in 2012 to protect new neighbours Peter and Angela Vickers and son Scott after alleged complaints.

But a trial, last Tuesday, found Wrobel guilty of breaching his order after he tormented Scott Vickers by repeatedly driving by his work and making obscene hand gestures and following him to his new home.

After the hearing Scott Vickers said: “I thought this was behind us until he kept turning up at my work and then I was shocked when he followed me home.”

Mr Vickers told the court Wrobel had made hand gestures while he was at work at Staveley Market Place and when their cars had passed the defendant followed him to his own new home where he turned into a garage and made more gestures.

Wrobel claimed he drives past the market because he shops in Staveley and denied making gestures and following Scott Vickers.

But magistrates found Wrobel guilty of breaching his order after the incidents between August 2012 and June 2013. Defence solicitor Robert Sowter said Wrobel has recently suffered from the deaths of his father, his auntie and his dog and others have said he is a nice neighbour.

He stressed there were no threats or confrontations during the incidents involving Scott Vickers and that Wrobel is now planning to move to Worksop. Peter Vickers said: “There is no reason for his behaviour. He has made our lives a misery. It is on your mind when you go to bed and it’s there when you wake up.”

Wrobel was sentenced this Tuesday to a 12 month community order with a 12 week curfew between 8pm and 7am and was ordered to pay £625 costs and a £60 victim surcharge. His restraining order will continue until August 14 but magistrates did not impose a fresh order.

Angela Vickers said: “It feels like he’s got away with it. He won’t be outside anyway during curfew times, he can pay the money and he could start bothering us when his order is lifted.

“He’s not been dealt with properly.”