Pals in costly driving mix-up

A91XK7 Police line tape
A91XK7 Police line tape

A young motorist has been fined for letting someone who was not insured drive his car.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday how Karl Taylor, 19, of King Edward Street, Wirksworth, Matlock, was stopped by police when he was in the passenger seat of his vehicle which was being driven by a friend.

Prosecuting solicitor Angela Hadfield said: “Officers followed the vehicle and it was stopped and they approached the driver Jay Ellis and the vehicle was registered as belonging to Taylor who was in the passenger seat.”

Taylor pleaded guilty to allowing Ellis to use his car when Ellis was not insured. Taylor said: “I let Jay Ellis drive and I thought that because he had his own vehicle he would be okay to move my car but I realise it was my responsibilty.”

Taylor presented statements confirming he had paid his own driving insurance but accepted he allowed someone else to use the vehicle in November when that person was not insured.

District Judge Andrew Davison told Taylor: “I accept the mitigation and your insurance instalments. But you allowed someone who was not insured to drive.”

Taylor was fined £185 and he was ordered to pay an £18 victim surcharge and £35 costs.

Taylor’s licence was endorsed with six points and he was warned he may have to re-take his driving test due to legislation which states if you get six points on your licence in two years of passing your test it has to be retaken.

Ellis, 21, of West Barn, Shottle, Belper, pleaded guilty to using a vehicle without insurance. He claimed he drove because Taylor was tired. Ellis was fined £110 and ordered to pay £35 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. His licence was endorsed with six points.