People in Derbyshire ae being warned to look out for phone scams as they are on the rise

A warning has been issued about a telephone scam
A warning has been issued about a telephone scam

People are being warned to look out for phone scams in 2020 as the number of people being duped by scammers continues to rise.

CPR Call Blocker, makers of the UK’s best-selling call blocking device is urging people in the area to be on their guard as phone scams are doing the rounds in Derbyshire.

Chelsea Davies, CPR Call Blocker Business Development Manager, said: “While online scams continue to be growing, that doesn't mean that offline scams aren't also on the rise.

“Indeed, with so many people treating their mobile phones as an extension of their body, people are more accessible by phone than ever before. Some of these scams target specific individuals, while others involve people being called at random.

“Some involve phishing, a type of scam in which the caller is trying to find out information (such as personal or banking information) that can be used in other crimes.

“We want to make people in Derbyshire aware that scammers are becoming more inventive and if something sounds too good to be true or out of the ordinary, it could well be a scam.

“We always strongly recommend never giving your bank details or paying or something over the phone that you're unsure of.

“Especially if the call you receive is the first time you have heard of any payment that needs to be made.”

If you want to stop receiving scam and nuisance calls you can sign up to the Telephone Preference Service by calling 0845 070 0707 or visit, get your phone number taken off directories and look out for tick boxed on all marketing correspondence to see if ticking or unticking them will prevent your details being passed on to third parties and consider getting a call blocker.

Ms Davies said: “If you suspect you may have compromised your bank account, contact your bank or card provider as soon as possible.

“It is also advisable to check your bank and card statements regularly for unauthorised charges as a matter of course.”

CPR Call Blocker is the best-selling and most trusted call blocker brand in the UK and a range of call blockers are available from or or by calling 0800 652 7780.