Police slam vandals' spelling after graffiti scratched onto ancient monument in Derbyshire

Police have slammed the vandals who scratched graffiti on an ancient monument in the Peak District.

Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 5:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 5:22 pm

Derbyshire police say the etchings reading ‘SEND + RECIEVE LOVE’ have been discovered on the stones of Arbor Low, near Monyash, Bakewell.

The vandals’ spelling and behaviour have come under fire from Derbyshire Rural Crime Team officers.

The graffiti scratched onto the monument at Monyash in the Peak District. Image: Derbyshire Rural Crime Team.

A spokesperson for the police unit said: “Petroglyphs exist throughout the world, whether they be a depiction of a buffalo hunt daubed onto a cave wall or elaborate rock carvings at historically sacred sites.

"Thousands of years later, these hold a fascination for people today who ponder their significance and try to piece together what life was like back then.

"Now, modern humans have probably left sufficient scars across the planet to indicate to their 45th-century descendants what a reckless bunch we’ve been, so additional etchings in the stones of Arbor Low near Monyash reading ‘SEND + RECIEVE LOVE’ are unlikely to change their minds.

"It will, however, serve to demonstrate that elementary spelling lessons were not necessarily sinking into the brain of 20th and 21st Century man!

"This individual is clearly not yet ready for unsupervised vandalism.

"So, please, do not carve graffiti anywhere, especially on scheduled ancient monuments,” the spokesperson added.

Responding to the police team’s post on Facebook, Judith Fryer said: “Educational but I doubt the perpetrators would have any idea of what they have done wrong.”