Police warn Hope Valley and High Peak residents to beware of computer fraudsters

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Editorial image

Safer Neighbourhood police officers are urging people in the Hope Valley and High Peak areas to be vigilant of cybercrime after an attempted scam.

A Buxton resident received a call sometime during the morning of Monday, March 16, from a person claiming to be from the well-known computer software company, Windows.

The fraudster said over the last few weeks they had received updates on the resident’s computer and it may be corrupted, prompting the victim to turn on their computer so they could check.

The victim refused and hung up but was contacted again the next day about the same issue.

The incident follows a similar one which took place in Bradwell last month and saw a scammer offer security advice and checks for the victim’s computer before gaining access to the equipment and taking full control, meaning the resident could not access their computer.

PCSO Anthony Boswell from the Hathersage Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We are urging people to be aware of the warning signs of cybercrime including computer and software fraud. Some simple tips include not disclosing personal information before verifying the caller’s credentials and ensuring your computer has anti-virus software installed.

“Also, be cautious of phone calls, emails and post offering deals out of the blue. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

If anyone needs advice about fraud or think you may have been targeted by scammers, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit www.actionfraud.police.uk|.

To contact the Safer Neighbourhood team call 101. You can also follow them on Twitter: @HathersageSNT and @BuxtonTownSNT.