Retail raider is fined

Pictured is the East Midlands McArthurGlen retail park, at South Normanton.
Pictured is the East Midlands McArthurGlen retail park, at South Normanton.

A shoplifter travelled to South Normanton’s McArthurGlen retail park with a group of others to steal £220 worth of shoes.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Tuesday, May 6, how Shadika Willett, 30, of Cromwell Street, Birmingham, carried out a theft of shoes with others at the McArthurGlen shopping centre.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said: “Shop staff at the Clarks’ shoes store at McArthurGlen were informed that a group of females was picking up items and placing them into bags.

“They all left the shop together and the value of the items was £220.

“They got in a particular vehicle and the registration of the vehicle was taken and it was registered to Miss Willett.”

The court heard that the case was delayed because Derbyshire police had to liaise with West Midlands police to track down Willett’s registered vehicle.

But Mrs Allsop said that the enquiry led to Willett being identified and arrested, The defendant told police in an interview, according to Mrs Allsop, that she had travelled to the retail park to shoplift.

Bob Bashforth, defending, said: “She deserves full marks for her brutal, frank honesty.”

He said she has children and had another on the way and was finding things difficult when she travelled with others to the retail park and she accepts she was not an innocent party.

Willett, who has a previous conviction for shop theft, pleaded guilty to the Clarks’ theft which happened in September, last year.

Magistrates told Willett they were willing to deal with the matter by way of a financial penalty but they were concerned she had travelled to the region to steal.

They sentenced Willett to a £110 fine and she was ordered to pay £85 costs, a £20 victim surcharge and £220 compensation.