Thief in knife scare

sp92445'A61 Corridor, Tesco and Casa, Chesterfield, former Dema Glass site
sp92445'A61 Corridor, Tesco and Casa, Chesterfield, former Dema Glass site

A desperate man was found in an aisle at Tesco having cut his wrist with a knife while drinking from a stolen bottle of Martini.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Friday, August 1, how Philip Marriott, 40, of Chaucer Road, Newbold, Chesterfield, was spotted by staff at Tesco, on Lockoford Lane, Chesterfield.

Prosecuting solicitor John Cooper said: “The manager of Tesco’s said his initial worry was the safety of customers and he said that Marriott was sitting near the spirits and there was a vegetable knife and an open bottle of Martini nearby and he was in some distress. The manager said he engaged him in conversation and the defendant was talking about his mother’s death and the manager noticed a cut near the defendant’s right wrist.”

The manager continued talking to calm him down and the defendant declined first aid and a paramedic came and bandaged his wrist.

Marriott told police he had drunk four to six litres of cider during the evening and he felt depressed and took the knife with him with the intention of self-harming.

He added he had started drinking the Martini and intended to pay for it but he was drunk.

Marriott pleaded guilty to possessing a kitchen knife without good reason and to stealing a bottle of Martini after the incident on July 24.

Julie Page, defending, said Marriott entered guilty pleas at the first opportunity.

She added that he accepts consuming a large amount of alcohol and that he has been alcohol dependent for over 20 years. Marriott has also suffered bereavements during a short time including one of his brothers, a nephew, his mother and another brother, according to Ms Page.

She added that he took the knife with him to the store but it was only ever going to be used to harm himself. Magistrates adjourned the case until August 7 to consider probation reports before sentencing.