Thief tracked down by his beanie hat

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NEWS: News.

A desperate thief who was tracked down because of his black and yellow beanie hat has been given a chance to turn his life round.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Monday how Ross Beardsley, 24, of Brock Hill Court, Chesterfield, had committed four thefts from Tesco, Asda, The Range and Marks & Spencer’s and two from Chesterfield’s Co-op on Brimington Road.

Prosecuting solicitor Angela Hadfield said: “Guilty pleas were entered for two thefts from the Co-op and there have been four previous convictions for shop thefts.”

Beardsley admitted stealing chips and cheese from the Co-op on March 8 and stealing butter and cheese from the store on March 9 and on each time he was wearing a distinctive black and yellow hat.

Mrs Hadfield added: “He was seen on March 19 wearing the same hat and police arrested him for these thefts. He was identified by the beanie hat and was linked to the previous offence at The Range.”

Defence solicitor Felicity Clarke explained Beardsley had been homeless and had been struggling to find food.

She said that following his first offence he was given a community order but breached it by going on to commit further offences because he had “hit rock bottom”.

Miss Clarke added: “He has taken positive steps and has got himself an address.”

Katie Shannon, of the probation service, told how Beardsley had been working with the probation service during his previous community order and she recommended that the order be allowed to continue.

Magistrates sentenced Beardsley to a six month conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £7.99 compensation to The Range. They warned if he committed any new offences he would be re-sentenced on all matters.