Video shows robbers in action

A short video highlighting the risk of robbery has been launched by Derbyshire police to help people protect themselves from crime.

The clip illustrates how would-be criminals see valuables such as mobile phones, bikes and wallets as a quick payday.

Police tape

Police tape

It shows actors playing out three separate robberies, all of which were based on actual offences reported in Derbyshire in recent weeks.

The video includes crime prevention advice and is aimed at making people aware of the simple steps they can take to stop themselves being seen as an easy target by robbers.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Lamb, who was involved in the commissioning of the video, said: “A robbery can take only seconds to commit but the effect it has on the victim often lasts much longer.

“Criminals will only rob people who they think will be an easy target, and they view your valuables not as your belongings but as items they can sell on quickly and without hassle.

“It therefore pays for people to be aware of the things they can do to reduce the risk of them being viewed as an easy payday.”

The video is part of Derbyshire Constabulary’s efforts to cut the number of street robberies across the county and has already been shown to school pupils and college and university students to make them aware of the crime.

It will also be shown at events hosted by Derbyshire police and the county’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Charles.

DCI Lamb added: “The advice featured in the video includes keeping to well-lit areas when you are out on your own, not advertising your mobile phone by having it in your hand all the time, and keeping your wallet or handbag secure on your person so it can’t be easily snatched.

“It’s steps such as those that can be the simple difference in making sure a criminal doesn’t see you as an easy target.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles said: “You wouldn’t walk around with £500 in cash waving about in your hand – but people do that all the time with their smartphones and tablets.

“By taking some very simple precautions, such as walking around with friends, keeping to well-lit areas and placing valuables such as mobile phones and gadgets out of easy reach, life is made more difficult for the would-be criminal.

“This short video raises awareness of the potential to become a victim of robbery and gets the message across that it’s better to be safe than sorry, in a format that has received positive feedback from young people.

“Seeing for themselves, graphically, what can happen if you don’t take reasonable precautions is powerful way to communicate, particularly with the age group most specifically targeted.”

To report a crime, call Derbyshire police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.