Criminal Behaviour Order for Chesterfield man causing anti social behaviour on buses

A man from Chesterfield has been given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) for causing anti-social behaviour in the town centre, surrounding areas and on two Stagecoach buses.

Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 9:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 11:03 am
Josh Healey

Josh Healey, 22, of Arundel Close, Chesterfield, was given the two year court order by magistrates at a hearing at Chesterfield Justice Centre on Wednesday, June 15.

The order runs until Monday, June 15, 2018 and Mr Healey must not enter certain parts of the town centre, as defined on a map by magistrates, except to attend solicitors by appointment, congregate in a public place in a group of two or more people in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress in the borough of Chesterfield, remain at any shop, commercial premises or private dwelling if asked to leave by the owner, occupier, a police officer or PCSO, or other person acting on behalf of the owner or occupier or touch or enter any Stagecoach vehicle without the express permission of the owner or other person acting on behalf of the owner.

Officers from the Chesterfield Town Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team worked together with the Chesterfield Community Safety Partnership to apply for the order.

Police can arrest Mr Healey if he is found breaching the CBO, and he would be brought before the court and could face jail.

Sgt. Dave Nicholls, of the Chesterfield Town Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Mr Healey’s behaviour has had a negative effect on others and despite efforts by ourselves and partnership agencies to work with Mr Healey he has failed to break the cycle of this behaviour. He is now suffering the consequences of his actions and a breach of this order could see him sent to prison.

“I would like to thank members of the community who have helped us to secure this order, as it is only with their help that we have been able to take this through the court. We do act on the information they provide to us and will continue to do so.

“Criminal and anti-social behaviour won’t be tolerated and this successful application is another example of effective partnership work between the police and partner agencies.

“We hope that this will have a positive outcome for members of the community but also for Mr Healey himself to try and improve his own behaviour. It should also act as a deterrent to others who come to the town centre and behave in an anti-social manner.”

Anyone who sees Healey breaching the conditions of the CBO can report it to Derbyshire police by calling 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.