Cycling photo mystery solved

11-08-11 mems 1 nmam
11-08-11 mems 1 nmam

Last week we asked for more information about a picture of a group of cyclists - and we got some answers.

Peter Walker, who was on the photograph in last week’s Memory Lane, sent us this photo of the team at their triumphant return into Wirksworth.

Peter, now living in Derby, said: “The ride took place in October 1980, it was a charity ride to raise money for the Wirksworth Rowdies and the Wirksworth Learners Swimming Pool project, a total of £500 was split between the two.

“The ride of 156 miles was from Anglesey to Wirksworth, leaving Anglesey at around 8pm, the cycle went on through the night, arriving back in Wirksworth on a cold damp Saturday morning 14 hours later.”

The team was sponsored by cavity wall insulation company Warmafoam, as well as getting donations of lamp batteries, glucose tablets from Payne’s the chemist and a crate of Newcastle Brown Ale from the Wrights Vaults.