Cyclist rescued on Monsal Trail

A mountain rescuer went to the assistance of a cyclist on his day off.

The member of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was walking the Monsal Trail with his family yesterday when he came across the injured person.

The incident was reported and Buxton Mountain Rescue Team was called to assist the ambulance service on the Monsal Trail at 12.14pm.

Team members attended at Hassop Station initially and were transported in team vehicles to the incident site.

A 40–year–old female from Sheffield was cycling along the trail near Bakewell, when a walker stepped out in front of her.

The cyclist swerved to avoid the walker and came off her bike.

She sustained serious injuries to both arms, was treated on site by ambulance service paramedics and evacuated on our specialist stretcher with a wheel to reduce any further pain and discomfort a few hundred metres to Bakewell Station.

The casualty was transferred into the land ambulance and taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital for further treatment.