Dad seeks answers for son’s ski death

THE father of a man who died while skiing on Christmas Day spoke of his heartbreak as an inquest failed to provide the answers he desperately sought.

Peter Jackson, 70, of Matlock, had hoped the inquest would help to explain how his son fell to his death on Christmas Day 2009.

Instead, Coroner Caroline Sumeray recorded a narrative verdict at the hearing held in North London on Wednesday, September 28.

The cause of death was given as possible suffocation with or without hypothermia. Although the court heard reports as to apparent failures in safety standards at the resort, no further explanation was given into how Nigel Jackson tragically died.

The 43-year-old, who worked in London as the director of policy research, had been skiing in the French Alps when he disappeared.

His body was found the next day, buried under five metres of snow in a ravine on Mont Blanc.

Now the family’s lawyers are urging the authorities and those responsible for the maintenance of the slopes and the safety of skiers to do everything in their power to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

Philip Banks from Irwin Mitchell said Nigel was an experienced skier who was very safety conscious.

He added: “Nothing will ever bring Nigel back, but the family have now instructed us to try to further piece together the tragic circumstances surrounding Nigel’s death and look to ensure no one else should have to suffer as they have going forward.”

Peter Jackson, of Sydnope Hill, said he was determined to warn other skiers of the potential dangers on the slopes.

He added: “Nigel was very close to us and it is heartbreaking that we are unlikely to find out what he went through in his last hours.

“It is devastating to have lost my son under these circumstances, but we hoped the inquest would at least help us to understand what went wrong.”

He added: “I won’t let what happened to Nigel go and I will fight to warn others of possible dangers.

“Even if it saves one more life it will have been worth it”.