Dale voices should be heard about quarry

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Darley Dale folk are extremely concerned about plans for a 15-hectare building stone quarry on land just off Bent Lane.

More than 200 people turned out to a meeting with a senior planning officer from Derbyshire Council to ask questions about the plan.

Rosie Mellor, spokesman for Darley Hillside Residents Association, said residents were dismayed that the proposal would mean Bent Lane would have to be widened - which would mean the removal of a large number of ancient trees to allow access to the large HGV’s that would be required to transport the stone.

She added: “The proposed quarry would not only affect residents in Darley Dale - the site would be highly visible from properties on the

hillside on the other side of the valley in Wensley, Oker, Snitterton and above Two Dales.”

The new quarry is an addition to the local mineral plan, which was consulted on previously between 2015-16 but is being consulted on again until Sunday (January 29).

Derbyshire County Council states in its assessment of the site that it has been estimated that between 500,000 and 800,000 tonnes of the product (stone) will be extracted over a 20-year period from 2019 to 2039.

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said: “We consulted during 2015/16 on a draft minerals plan, which included a number of sites across the county. At that stage a potential site at Bent Lane quarrying building stone had not been suggested.

“Towards the end of that process a developer came forward to suggest Bent Lane as a quarry site, and we are now carrying out additional consultation on that suggestion.

“This began on December 1 and will close on January 29. We handed delivered leaflets to properties closest to the site, sent letters to all other consultees and to all parish councils.

“Once this extra consultation is completed we will evaluate the site, taking into account all relevant factors, and the views from the consultation and decide if the site should be included in the draft minerals plan or not.

“If our evaluation suggests this is a potentially suitable site we will then include it in draft minerals plan which will be published for consultation next year. Even if the site is not considered suitable the developer would still be able to make a planning application.”