Dales drivers urged to slow down

Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership is warning drivers to slow down after government figures revealed that 49 per cent of cars broke the speed limit when travelling on the motorway in 2010.

The release from the Department of Transport also revealed that more than 80 per cent of heavy goods vehicles travelled faster than the 50mph speed limit on dual carriageways in non-built-up areas.

45 per cent of motorcycles broke the 30 mph speed limit in built-up areas, while 70 per cent of heavy goods vehicles exceeded the 40mph speed limit on single carriageway roads in non-built-up areas.

Partnership chairman Mike Ashworth said: “Speeding is an easy trap to fall into. People who wouldn’t dream of overtaking on a bend may end up driving too fast simply because they’ve lost concentration. Always keep a close eye on your speedometer – there may be trouble ahead and you won’t have time to react to it if you’re driving too fast.

“Never forget that the speed limit is a maximum not a target - sometimes conditions will mean it’s not safe to travel that fast.”