Dales groups invited to learn about malnutrition

The council wants to hear from groups that might be interested in finding out more about malnutrition in older people.

Derbyshire County Council has launched a campaign to address the issue of malnutrition in older people in Derbyshire and is planning to arrange presentations or talks for local groups.

It would like to hear from any group whose members would find it useful to get practical advice on how to spot the signs of malnutrition in older people, and how to tackle the problem.

The talks or presentations will help people spot the symptoms in themselves, elderly friends, relatives and other older people they come into contact with.

A booklet that helps us all take practical steps if we, or someone we know, is elderly and losing weight is also available. The booklet, which has the support of Age UK Derby and Derbyshire and the NHS, is available from local libraries or can be downloaded from www.derbyshire.gov.uk/eatwell.

There are about three million older people in the UK who are malnourished.

The healthy eating messages we are all used to hearing on five-a-day, low fat food and tackling obesity aren’t relevant to older people who are losing weight. The council wants to encourage them to eat more snacks and milky drinks. Older people who are underweight should use full fat milk and yogurt, add butter, jam, honey and sugar (unless they’re diabetic) to their meals and always eat puddings - to increase their consumption of calories and protein.

Groups that might be interested in talks should call Lynwen Davison on 01629 538215 or email lynwen.davison@derbyshire.gov.uk .

For more information about the campaign see www.derbyshire.gov.uk/eatwell.