Dales people deserve more

As a past resident of of Derbyshire Dales, I observe from distance the appalling performance of the Derbyshire Dales District Council in relation to the proposed Bakewell Road Matlock regeneration scheme.

Clearly the council are conducting themselves in a most disrespectful manner.

Their arrogance and modus operandi displays a total disregard towards the public.

What is it the council fails to grasp?

Quite simply, their remit is to serve the people, community and businesses that pay their salaries and who voted them into office.

In return, the public expect to be consulted, have an input and be made aware of all the information relevant to any new development.

This includes the format it will take and the impact it will have on residents, traffic flow, parking, employment and existing businesses.

Derbyshire Dales District Council have failed miserably to date to project an image od consultation, transparency, communication, accountability and clarity.

Pulic relations skills seem to ne absent and working practices appear to be suppressed by insular activity.

Wake up DDDC, Dales people demand, expect and deserve more from you.

David Else