Damaging to democracy

I am writing to express my absolute disbelief at the new revelation of a body of people openly hunting with hounds and high-handedly defying the law, as is clearly evidenced on camera.

Their prosecution has had to be left to our brilliant RSPCA and to the expense of all of us who contribute to their funds.

Where were the police? Where are the police? Where is the Crown Prosecution Service? How much evidence do they need?

By the will of the electorate, the law was passed banning the hunting of foxes in the manner that has recently been shown to the nation on television.

On this morning’s ‘Today’ programme, it was reported that there was a worrying rise in the number of shoplifters stealing food, nappies and essential family items - hardly surprising, I would have thought in this economically straightened climate.

“They will be prosecuted,” said a high street representative.

Rightly so, though it is a sad state of affairs.

The contrast between both crimes and they way prosecuted is stark and outrageous.

I am a retired schoolteacher living in moderate comfort, but if I was struggling to keep warm and feed my family (as many are) my anger, resentment and hopelessness would be stretched to breaking point.

It is unfair and damaging our democracy.

Barrie Creed